Disposal of radioactive waste

Waste Acceptance & Criteria

An important principle for the disposal of radioactive waste is that it must be contained and disposed of in a manner that will isolate the waste from man and the environment for time periods associated with the life time of the radioactive waste. The disposal of radioactive waste at Vaalputs is regulated by the National Nuclear Regulator. Currently only Low-Level Waste (LLW) that comply with the Vaalputs Waste Acceptance Criteria, which is approved by the National Nuclear Regulator, can be accepted for disposal at Vaalputs. The Waste Acceptance Criteria prescribes requirements that a pre-disposal operator must meet before radioactive waste packages may be dispatched and accepted for final disposal at Vaalputs.


Waste Acceptance & Criteria Components

  • Containers used for packaging radioactive waste;
  • Type and form of waste that may be packaged in these containers;
  • Prohibited waste, i.e., waste that will not be accepted for disposal (e.g., asbestos);
  • Data packs congaing all the information regarding the waste package;
  • Transporting radioactive waste in accordance with international requirements (IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material);
  • Quality control measures;
  • Radiological control measures;
  • Health, safety and environmental requirements;
  • Verification requirements (prior to shipment, on delivery)

Waste Acceptance & Criteria