It gives me immense pleasure to present the 2022/2023 Annual Performance Plan (APP) for the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute. This Annual Performance Plan is aligned with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s (DMRE) strategic outcomes and it contributes towards the delivery of the objectives of the National Development Plan as well as the Medium-Term Strategic Framework. It prioritises the key focus areas that will enable NRWDI to discharge its mandate.

In terms of its mandate, NRWDI has to manage radioactive waste disposal on a national basis. This mandate is to be carried out in such a manner that waste disposal is technically sound, socially acceptable, environmentally responsible and economically feasible. The objective is to ensure that there is no undue burden placed on the future generations.
Another key imperative for NRWDI is to operate the national low-level radioactive waste repository at Vaalputs. I am so excited to announce that the Nuclear Installation Licence for Vaalputs is imminent, and NRWDI will officially take-over the responsibilities of the management and operations of the Vaalputs radioactive waste repository. The task ahead is a mammoth one and I am assured that we have the necessary skills and expertise within NRWDI which will assist in making a smooth transition from Necsa to NRWDI. Significant changes will take place and it will require change management strategies and programmes to ensure a smooth transition.