A key priority to operationalize the Institute is the Vaalputs functional shift which entails the transfer of staff and assets of the Vaalputs Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility from Necsa to the Institute in terms of section 30 of the NRWDI Act. It is envisaged that the functional shift will be completed in 2017.

The Institute, although cognizant of the complex challenges as outlined above, is however confident that it are ready to begin the journey to lay a solid foundation for the delivery of suitable strategies and solutions for the management and disposal of all of our radioactive waste in a manner that will continue to ensure the protection of the public and the environment, thus making its contribution towards the safe utilization of nuclear energy in our country. 

In line with the provisions of the National Treasury’s Framework for Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans, strategic plans identify strategically important outcome orientated goals and objectives against which public institutions’ medium-term results and can be measured and evaluated by Parliament, provincial legislatures and the public. These plans are broken down into goals and objectives in order to address the breadth and depth of the fledgling organization’s mandate and responsibilities. 

The Board endorses this Annual Performance Plan and commits to supporting its implementation. We have pleasure in delivering to you the strategic intent of the entity for the 2017/18 financial year.